What to Expect during a Roof Project?

  • Planning for a New Roof Project – We will need some information from you before a project begins. These items included but are not limited to color selections (Roof material and metal flashings) as well as documents needed for permitting such as a Notice of Commencement “NOC”
  • Project Staging – There may be deliveries of required equipment prior to the start of a roof project such as a dumpster, dump trailer, or portable bathroom.
  • Material Delivery – The materials needed for a roof project will be delivered prior to the planned start date. Ozark personnel will be onsite the day of the deliver to verify that correct materials and quantities of materials have been received so the project can be started.
  • Work Hours – The roofing industry starts early. We do this to avoid not only the heat of sub-tropical climates but also the inclement weather that accompanies it “RAIN”. You can expect Ozark roofing crews to be onsite around 7am and finished by 4pm typically. These times can vary some depending upon the time of year and the weather.
  • Weather – We plan roofing projects around the weather due to the effect a roofing project can have on a building if a project is started or continued during inclement weather. As a result Ozark roofing crews will NOT normally be onsite to work on your project if the precipitation chances are above 40%. We review the weather daily and make a decision not only based upon the precipitation chances but also the time weather is projected and the amount of rainfall expected.
  • Noise – Roof projects are noisy. The equipment and actions required to to remove, replace, or install a roof system dictate noise at time periods during the installation. Please understand this is a normal part of a roof project and should be expected.
  • Trash and Debris – Roof projects are messy by nature. Ozark strives to be organized and as clean as possible during a project. However, please be prepared that trash and debris are a normal part of the process. The debris can fall on to the surrounding ground at times during the installation or removal of a roof system. Please do not worry it will be cleaned and organized.
  • Preparation – As we mentioned above roof projects can be noisy and messy. As a result it is good practice to prepare your dependents such as small children, pets, or tennants for the upcoming roof project. It is also a good practice to remove any outdoor furniture or items that are near the building so they are out of the way from possible falling trash or debris.
  • Communication – Ozark will communicate with you prior to the start of the project as well as during and afterwards. We will be letting you know the confirmation of a scheduled start date, walking the property with you prior to the start, sending you reports at the stages of the project (material delivery, start up, in progress, and final), and walking the installation with you once complete. We strive to communicate with you thoroughly throughout the project please be sure to communicate with us on any issues that may arise. Communication is a vital component of a successful project and your satisfaction.
  • Inspections – There will be a number of inspections during the project. These are performed by not only Ozark personnel but also the local building department and possibly outside inspectors. The inspections are planned in advance and coordinated with you. The purpose of these inspections are to ensure not only a quality installation but also one that is code compliant.
  • Project Closeout – Once the roof has been installed and inspections are completed there are a few remaining final items to be aware of. These include the following: 1) The removal of dumpsters, dump trailers, and portable bathrooms. Please be aware of stray nails or screws, while we do clean in these areas after the removal it is always possible a stray nail or screw is missed, 2) The delivery of the final certifications from the county or city holding governing authority showing all inspections have passed and the permit is completed, and 3) The delivery of final warranties from the materials manufacturer and Ozark.
  • Afterwards – First enjoy your new roof system and the benefits that come with it. The peace of mind that you have a new roof system to protect you and your dependents for years to come. Second, please be sure to reach out to Ozark with any issues that may arise with your new roof installation, we are here for you. Finally, please be sure to plan for routine maintenance of your new roof. A new roof is like any large investment (like your hvac system as an example) it requires routine maintenance to keep it functioning properly. Please reach out to Ozark for our Maintenance plans that are available.
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